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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) E-Learning

GDPR Principles

We offer a variety of GDPR and Data Privacy trainings to accompany firms on their compliance journey and address the specific challenges that come with remote working.

  • Personal Data is a valuable asset in most companies, but it is also a risk to collect, process and hold personal data 
  • Deepen your understanding off the GDPR principles 
  • Learn to protect personal data in the right way and how to protect and retain such data
  • Get insights into the rights of the data subject
  • Learn what a Data Access Request is and how to respond
  • Understand the concept of consent and how it should be obtained

Suitable for new joiners or anyone looking for a refresher, Board members, Data Protection Officers and other Compliance team members.

GDPR Board of Directors

We offer GDPR and Data Privacy E-learning for the Board room to address specific areas in more depth. 

Focusing on specific principles like:

  • Data processor & controller
  • Role and Importance of the DPO
  • Data Transfers  
  • General & Marketing Consent
  • EU Representative & Services
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
Suitable for DPOs, Board members, Compliance Officers, Sales Managers/teams and Client service teams.