People Skills Training Modules

ten ways to create a positive work environment
Emotional Intellingence

Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well you perceive and express yourself how you are developing and maintaining social relationships and how you cope with your day to day challenges using emotional intelligence in an effective and meaningful way.

In this course we will:

  • Define emotional intelligence
  • Explain why emotional intelligence is important
  • Introduce how emotions are and can be expressed in the working environment
  • Recommend how to use emotional intelligence effectively
  • Outline how you can develop and learn emotional intelligence
  • Share some tips and activities allowing you to develop your own emotional intelligence

This Emotional Intelligence course is suitable for Senior Leaders and employees being promoted to new leaders. The course is also suitable for a team that is willing to combine thinking and feelings to make better quality decisions and build authentic relationships.

Employee engagement

Motivation and Managing attitude changes under COVID-19.

  • Creating an environment which motivates remote workers and includes new joiners into the company
  • Training needs for new-joiners and remote workers
  • Recognizing and rewarding employees with Dos and Don’ts
  • Tips for non-financial recognition and activities 
  • Time management and meeting ideas connecting employees 
  • Flexible working arrangements and hybrid-solutions
  • Learn about purpose driven company strategies
  • Communication strategies to improve team performance and efficacy
  • Games and fun ideas for immediate application 

This Employee Engagement course is suitable for Executive and Senior management including Board level and Human Resource (HR) function holders.

Mental Health at Work

Many employees struggle with mental health issues since the Corona break-out. Line-managers are facing new challenges and to deal with mental health issues at work. This Mental Health At Work course is here to help Line-managers and colleagues to better:

  • Understand the definition of mental health.
  • Learn how to identify colleagues with mental h health issues and how to best approach them.
  • Impacts of stigma and discrimination in the workplace 
  • Ways to enhance the corporate strategy and the working culture in the company or in your direct team
  • Advise on how to formulate your mental health strategy within a policy and procedural framework
  • Introduction of helpful toolkits to use and share within your team focusing on wellbeing
  • Time and Task tips reducing stress to prevent mental health issues at work

This Mental Health At Work Course is suitable for Senior Managers and Executive Committee Members as well as Line-and Team-leaders