Leadership Training Modules

Authentic leadership

Authentic leaders know how to inspire their teams. They know who they are, they have integrity and a firm moral code, and they manage to stay sensible and stable even during the most difficult times.

Learn how to adopt a growth-oriented and agile mindset to lead teams through these unprecedented times. Ensure a positive emotional environment and build authentic relationships especially when working remotely.

  • This online course is for C-level and senior leaders who are part of the collective effort to transform their organisation ensuring employee engagement and motivation. 
  • This course is also for teams (client service teams) whose stress levels are high and who could benefit from strategic input on time management and communication strategies creating authentic client relationships.
  • Increase your soft-skills, improve your communication style and increase your impact in day-to-day management. 
  • Unlock your own potential to increase your carrer opportunity.

Performance Appraisals

A performance appraisal is a powerful tool that gives team managers the opportunity to reward, recognise, reprimand and improve their team members' performance. 

But not every manager has learned how to maximise this communication tool to make a true impact and they miss the opportunity to provide corrective feedback in a constructive manner and with the required level of detail on needed improvement.

  • This online course is for Senior team leaders and Executive Committee Members in charge of the employee engagement strategy and leadership team.
  • The course will demonstrate simple methods on how to use the evaluation and appraisal as the powerful tools they can be to boost performance and engagement.
  • Understand the objectives of performance appraisals and the benefits for managers and their teams. 
  • Work on your employee relationship during the year to ensure transparency and clarity amongst the parties. 
  • Learn how  to communicate your message in an unbiased way and choosing the right place and time to make the right impact, thereby  preventing confrontation
  • Embrace the benefits of listening and asking the right questions to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Learn to understand that the employee appraisal takes place at the end of a long process that each manager can improve by deploying the appropriate communication throughout the year.


Effective communication is fundamental for successful leadership. If you do not have an innate ability to always get your points across clearly, you can learn how to communicate in an effective way.

  • This online course is for all levels of leaders within a company, especially for those who moved into a leadership role recently.
  • This course will introduce you to basic communication rules and will show you where communication barriers are counterproductive.
  • Learn how to overcome the barriers to effective communication.
  • Build a strategy to maintain open communication within your teams.
  • Understand the different communication styles by taking a closer look at your own personality and communication style.
  • Foster communication and collaboration
  • Stop dysfunctional communication behaviours in meetings.
  • Maintain a positive work environment using your new communication style.